Follow me I’ll make you fall in love with Tyrol!

I was born on a sunny Tyrolean winter day of 1982 in the city of Wörgl, cradle of the legendary “Wörgl experiment”. After completing high school I studied Biology at the University of Innsbruck. My love story with guiding started early around 2002 and includes chapters on the land, in the sky and on the oceans. Indeed, during my college years I started working during my semester breaks with visiting tourists as a ski guide in the glamorous Tyrolean alpine mountains. During those years I also discovered my passion for paragliding, which lead me after mastering the discipline to go on paragliding tours with clients locally and abroad. As for the ocean chapter, I sailed months long for many years all over the five continents working as a tour operator on board of different cruise ships such as princess cruises, Hurtigruten and MS Norröna. Likewise, I’m an avid history and geography reader, especially when it comes to my beloved region Tyrol as well as the surrounding areas such as Bavaria and South Tyrol. Give yourself the chance to land here and you’ll find yourself in one of Europe’s most beautiful, intriguing and blissfully crowd free destinations. With its high peaks and dense forests, looks and sounds like it belongs to heaven. The steep majestic peaks of this part of Austria, which, edges Germany to the north, Italy to the south and Switzerland to the west, were the witness of intense pieces of history throughout the centuries. Aside from the absurdly beautiful scenery of the mountains, the food, architecture and traditions have a special touch of alpine and imperial Austria. It’s like discovering a secret part of the world. Tyrol’s mountains are the historical heartland of the proud Tyrolean folk. Visit the gorgeous valleys within these mountains and you’ll discover their traditional life that has been carried throughout the ages. During winter, the snowy mountains have some of Europe’s best and most exclusive skiing slopes. For the rest of the year, the gorgeous lakes, waterfalls and marvelous valleys are a temple for climbers, hikers, bikers, cyclists, culinary delights’ seekers and those who are simply looking for a breath of tranquility.